massive repulsive_sounds to possess by

release: 2013
genre: technical death metal
country: usa

website: https://www.facebook.com/MassiveRepulsive?fref=ts
listen now:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Skmhjej19ow

"massive repulsive" got my attention long ago, since then i was waiting for the production to come and finally i got their material. soft piano -> incoming perdition -> destruction, thats how "sounds to possess by" lures you into the world of six devastating tracks that drew me back to the beginnings of "the faceless". yes there is a huge alikeness in their sound, song structures and compostions, but "massive repulsive" somehow create their own style of this technical, grooving, piano accompanied death metal.

the fierce growls, the angry shouting and the sweet instrumental sickness form a constant and unforgiving earthquake that shakes you through the whole thing. i also love the natural sound of this one, its not overproduced, just raw brutality everyone knows these mechanized drums and guitars, especially in this genre, but why not going for the pure deal?
"necrosexually active" is the last song on this production and that track  is also my favourite one. a nice bass intro, allover great riffing and some really catchy vocal parts, i think i'll need an excorcist for this one but for now i'll just bathe in the madness.
"sounds to posssess by" convinced me with groovy brutality, good songwriting and skill, get the fuck ready for "massive repulsvie" these songs will haunt you!

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